Русская экзотика
Русская баня, банный день, особенности русской бани, попариться в бане. Русская красная икра, красная икра, икорка, икринка, национальный деликатес, закуска Русский хоккей, лучшая сборная в мире, слава русского хоккея, советский хоккей.
Russian Banya is an old Russian tradition. It is healthy for the body and spirit. Complete refinement.  Russian Banya is wonderful

Russian Sauna (Ruskaya Banya, Russian Banya)

Ruskaya Banya is a tradition. Though there are all modern facilities, it is still popular. One can still see banya houses (banya) next to some cottages (dacha). People give the credit to this ritual even nowadays.

Probably, Russian Banya is the most weird and wild of all Russian wonders. A foreigner can hardly understand how it is possible to actively move in the burning hot wet steam, whip each other with venik (a switch of green twigs) and then dive in the frozen river or lake. Well, this is the way Russians are. Wonder us!

Russian Banya is not only pleasant, it is also healthy. It is the best way to refine your body and spirit!

Technically, Russian banya is a wooden house. Inside there is a special stove and benches. The stove is made hot, water is splashed on the it, this is how a lot of the steam come out. The steam cleans the skin perfectly without extra effors.

An indispensable attribute of Russian Banya is venik (a switch of green twigs). It can be made of birch, oak or juniper twigs. One lies down on the bench and the other whips them with venik.

Well, you may see it yourself...

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