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Red Russian caviar is a national delicacy. Red Russian caviar is a traditional Russian chaser

Red Russian caviar

Red Russian caviar is a national delicacy. It is the best chaser for Russian vodka. It is not surprising that red caviar was chosen to be the chaser since Russian have always paid much attention to festivities and food and drinks.

Russia is a huge country, taking about 1/6 of land. It has outlets to three oceans. It is also washed by tens of seas. Many rivers bring their waters to the seas. The rivers are the place where among other fish salmon is spawning. That is why Russia is one of the biggest producers and exporters of the red caviar in the world.

Red caviar is the main chaser at Russian festivities.

Red caviar is an amazingly sophisticated dish as well as a chaser. Salmon fish and its caviar is a wonder of nature indeed.

The way salmon is spawning is really touching. To salmon family belong the salmon, humpback salmon, Siberian salmon, bull trout, summer salmon, taimen, goldilocks, etc.

Having hatched out in the head of the river, salmon rolls off to the sea. It grows and maturates there. Then, in some strange way it finds the same river where it was born and swims up the river to the same spawning place. It is an unbelievable natural phenomenon.

Russia is rich in natural resources. It is a blessed country full of wonders. And those who come to Russian with peace, can also try the gifts of nature, in particular, red caviar.

Red Russian caviar is a national delicacy. Red Russian caviar is a traditional Russian chaser
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