Русская экзотика
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Russian vodka is a symbol of Russian spirit and Russia

Russian vodka

Russian vodka is a symbol of Russia, indeed. It is not merely an alcoholic beverage but an embodiment of traditions, customs and spiritual ties of generations. When talking about vodka, spirit is meant not body. And it is not by chance, since the best remedy for a Russian soul is Russian vodka. It might sound strange but is true.

As the majority of Russian inventions, vodka?s receipt is very simple but brilliant. Vodka is actually the 40 % solution of ethanol in water. But due to soft water, spirit and special wheat types it has a special soft taste. This is what makes it different from other spirits of the world. There is no hangover after a rational amount of vodka consumed. But when vodka is involved, it is always difficult to get the right limit.

Originally, Vodka is a Russian beverage. It has ancient history. It got its fame since the times of Russian princes (knyaz) and kings (tsar). But it has always been consumed by working people as well. This is its uniting role knowing no classes or ranks.

There are various kinds of vodka: classic, kummel, herbal, anisette, mixed, ashberry, birch, bigarade, geneva, pepper, absinthe and many other. Due to its simplicity the receipt came to us through centuries without dramatic changes. And nowadays we can enjoy it like ancient Rus tribe of rusichi did.

Russian vodka has a special status. Those who have to drink whisky, feel really envious to vodka drinkers. Russian vodka will always exist as long as Russians live!

Vodka is a Russian beverage
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